the complete e-commerce guide brought to you by Vlad Diaconu​
join us on a 2 days workshop and learn how to grow your business and transform it into a digital success.

about our workshop:

Focus: business growth, digital transformation.

Participants: business owners/ associates, C-Level executives, Middle Management, Project managers, Product owners.

Workshop level: medium/ advanced.

what you'll learn:

  • growth

    How to identify your growth opportunities

  • strategy

    How to plan, develop and implement your growth strategy

  • macro view

    How to attain the macro view of your business and why is it important

  • full control

    What KPIs you need to follow to have full control of your business

  • smart investments

    How to make smart investments in tools and technologies

  • media plan

    How to build and organise your media plan

  • budget

    How to structure and handle your budget

  • your team

    How to build your team - roles & organisational chart

meet Vlad

your host for the workshop!

Vlad’s experience with e-commerce began in early 2006. Two years later, after completing a series of small projects, he joined the Fashion Days startup, where he contributed to the development and expansion of the company on 11 countries in Eastern Europe.

​Four years later he joined Elefant, which he helped transform from an online bookstore into one of the most successful marketplaces in Romania.

​His next major challenge came from a big offline retailer, with 2 different projects to be developed simultaneously. And so, from 2015 to 2017, Vlad managed to generate a massive growth on Crewshop – a closed-circuit shop located in the main Bucharest Airport, and to launch the online division of BestValue, the first online duty-free shop in Europe, located in the same airport.

​Vlad spent the next year leading and developing the online branch for the renowned Apple Premium Reseller, iStyle. It took him less than 12 months to double the numbers on the online project and to build the growth strategy for all 7 countries where iStyle also has online presence.

​In the past 10 years, Vlad has helped over 50 local and international companies launch, grow or transform their business, thus rightfully earning the title of expert. In 2016 he created Critical Me, an e-commerce framework that helps decision-makers define their strategy, connect the processes and implement their growth plan.

​Today, Vlad activates as an e-commerce consultant and trainer and dedicates his work to helping e-businesses discover and maximize their unexplored potential for growth.

extra benefits:

  • professional

    You get to learn from a professional who has 10+ years of experience in e-commerce

  • critical me

    You learn how to use our framework - Critical Me - to grow your e-commerce business

  • free

    We offer you a free, 2-hours individual consulting session (within the first 60 days following the workshop)


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