The privilege of being up there

One of the most fulfilling parts about being consultants is that we get to build. This is also one of our main drives here, at theStartups. We take an idea and turn it into a plan that turns into a project that turns into a successful business. This is one of the blessings we count every day.

Another part, which is the honorable one, is when we get to climb on a stage and use our knowledge and skills to help other people build or heal their own businesses. It’s like all the effort, all the energy and all the creativity we’ve invested along the years are being rewarded in an instant.

We weren’t used to interacting with big audiences up until recently. If anything, we would collaborate with big companies that would delegate a part of their team to join our training sessions. Everything would happen in a private environment, behind closed doors. Our workshops series, How to e-Commerce, were the supreme definition of public speaking to us.

Until we started joining various events as speakers. We can remember that the first day we got on stage, a whole new world revealed to us. Maybe the most impressive thing a speaker can experience is those first few seconds before you start your presentation when suddenly it gets completely quiet, the room freezes and all eyes turn to you. You can only hear your own breath, and then pens start clicking. Our perspective changed that day, once we realized the impact we can have in the way people are going to think, plan, decide or act from that day on.

When you are in the middle of a stage, your audience dedicates their attention and trust to you and most of them will return to their office the next day and start changing things around, based on what you have taught them a day before. There’s a great responsibility in being a public speaker, but above it all, there is a great privilege.

This video below is Vlad’s performance at Business Made Visible, a sequence included in Business Days’ event in Iași last month.

Vlad dissected the buyer experience cycle and wrapped his presentation around the subject, showing where, how and what to change in order to focus your business on your customer’s needs. That, plus a quick presentation of our framework, Critical Me, along with the already-famous importance of planning and having the macro view on your business, which will help you define a healthy growth strategy à la longue. Enjoy! 🙂

Authors: Vlad Diaconu, Andreea Mares