consumerism was born at ikea

Consumerism was born at IKEA

We have strong reasons to believe consumerism was born at IKEA. And we think we know how it all happened. The Genesys One day, as God was floating through his kingdom, he looked down on Earth to check up on his creation and saw that everything went as planned. The world was ...

The danger of being misled

We. Love. Research. It can be planned ahead or chaotic, it could happen as soon as we wake up or way past our bedtime, or even while sitting on the throne (you know, the place where even the king goes alone). We never stop feeding ourselves on fresh information. It comes ...

The support (eco)system

We've spent several years setting up, developing and mentoring customer support teams. During this time we knew both joy and frustration and we've learned the importance of having the right people in the right place, just like we've learned the impact of having the wrong people in the wrong place. Only ...